Artists Statement

My current body of work focuses on conveying ideologies of freedom. I have been working to express my personal philosophies of spirituality in relation to the human condition by developing narrative compositions that project emotional contrast. Bright, vibrant, saturated colors, and feminine patterns combined with an often somber and introspective mood projected by the figure enhance the contradictions that are often experienced in seeking a different plane of consciousness. Within the perceived ‘negative’ emotional state lies the potential for release and within that release lays freedom.  

Rather than continue to depict the struggle my work has evolved into narratives of peace, strength and certitude. My latest compositions incorporate levitating figures, confident portraits, mythical creatures and mythical environments as a means to enhance the magic that is attained in viscerally experiencing transcendence. Bright, vibrant, saturated colors, and feminine patterns will work in conjunction with the composition and ethereal mood of the painting, symbolizing the unity attained through symbiosis. 

I hope that my work can not only be seen but also felt. My concepts are jumping off points for which I hope dialogues to begin. It is always amazing and enlightening to hear about other people’s perceptions of my work and the viewer’s thoughts are most welcome.

Biography Lavoie grew up in eastern Canada and attended York University in Toronto where she earned her BFA with Honors. Three years later, with a new series applied to the Academy of Art University's Masters program in San Francisco and is currently studying at the New York Academy of Art where she will receive her second Master's which she has entitled her personal PhD in Painting. 

"Dreams pass into the reality of action. From the actions stems the dream again; and this interdependence produces the highest form of living."
                                                                                              Anais Nin

All of that being said...

I hope you enjoy!

Thank you

Gaetanne ;)